US DoD Reorganizes Cyber Command

The US Cyber Command has quietly reorganized its hierarchy to include a second deputy, a three-star general who reports to the commander. The move comes after President Donald Trump, in accordance with congressional mandate, directed Cyber Command to elevate to a full unified combatant command out from under Strategic Command.

It also takes place as the agency prepares for a new commander with the expected retirement of Adm. Michael Rogers this spring. The organizational change, according to a congressional staffer who requested anonymity to speak more freely, is aimed at helping navigate the command through the elevation and eventual split from the National Security Agency without interrupting the regular day-to-day activities.

According to a Cyber Command official, it makes sense to have experienced leadership in the organization to facilitate these moves, especially considering the complexity of CYBERCOM’s relationship to the intelligence community and the dual hat status with the NSA.

A Pentagon spokesman declined to comment for this story.


[Source: Defense News]