Netanyahu Names Yigal Unna as Next Head of INCD

Yigal Unna, who currently serves as Chief Executive Director of the Cyber Technologies Unit in the Israel National Cyber Directorate, will replace Dr. Eviatar Matania as Director General of the Directorate

Yigal Unna at Cybertech Tokyo 2017 (Photo: Cybertech)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his pick for the head of the Israel National Cyber Directorate, naming long-time cybersecurity veteran Yigal Unna for the position. The appointment must now be ratified by the government.

Earlier in December, the Israeli government approved a decision brought forth by Mr. Netanyahu to merge Israel’s existing two national cybersecurity units, the Israeli National Cyber Bureau and the National Cyber Security Authority, into one. The decision came a week after a spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office announced the Bureau’s chief, Dr. Eviatar Matania, would step down at the end of the year after six years on the job.

Established in 2011, the bureau is in charge of Israel’s national cybersecurity strategy, while the Authority oversaw operations. Both bodies operated under the Israeli prime minister office, as will the new entity.

Mr. Unna is an alumnus of Unit 8200. He previously headed the ISA's SigInt-Cyber Division before being appointed as the chief executive director of the INCD's cyber technologies unit in June.

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