Report: The UAE is Expanding the al-Khadim Air Base in Libya

Satellite imagery from Terra Server dated September 24 and November 10, 2017, show accelerating construction on Al Khadim air base in eastern Libya, according to a report by War is Boring. Images are also available on sentinel-hub.

"That is strong evidence that the United Arab Emirates is preparing to intervene even more in the grinding Libyan civil war. The imagery of Al Khadim, located in Al Marj province, depicts a new large parking area and aircraft shelters that could accommodate jet fighters," says the report.

"Since June 2016, the Emirates have based AT-802 turboprop attack planes and Chinese-made Wing Loong drones at the base. The Emirati fleet has flown air strikes and reconnaissance missions in support of Libyan National Army troops fighting Islamist groups in Benghazi.

"The new shelters are big enough to host fighter jets including F-16s, Mirage 2000s and even Rafales. Work on the shelters seems to have paused between February and September 2017, at a time when Egypt was ramping up its own support of the LNA, perhaps easing pressure on the UAE to work quickly. The Egyptian air force has deployed fighters, helicopters and Wing Loong drones to western Egypt to patrol the border and attack militants in Libya."

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