EMTAN Launches Three New Assault Rifles

The automatic and semi-automatic 7.62x39mm MZ-47, MZ-4P (Piston), and .300AAC Blackout MZ-300 will be presented at Defense & Security Thailand 2017 show

EMTAN Launches Three New Assault Rifles

(Photo courtesy of the company)

EMTAN KARMIEL LTD., an Israeli-based manufacturer of small arms, guns, and weapons for military and law enforcement markets, launches three new assault rifles based on the MZ-4: The MZ-47, MZ-4P (Piston), and MZ-300. All three rifles will be presented at Defense & Security Thailand 2017, which will take place in Bangkok on November 6-9.

The MZ-47 is a 7.62x39mm automatic weapon compatible with the AK47 standard magazine and ammunition, available in two barrel lengths – 11.5" and 14.5". Both lengths feature upper and lower case aluminum 7075 T6 material with 650-850 RPM rate of fire, front and rear flip-up sights, hard chrome-lined bore and rifling with six grooves RH and one twist in 9.45”, and an optional ambidextrous charging handle. The MZ-47 is also available in a semi-automatic version.

The MZ-4P with Piston Operation System is a 5.56X45mm automatic weapon compatible with NATO ammunition and all other variations of 5.56X45mm ammunition and magazines, and is available in two barrel lengths – 11.5" and 14.5". Both lengths feature upper and lower case aluminum 7075 T6 material and an advanced Piston Operation System which delivers a consistent rate of fire while eliminating gas exiting at the rear of the rifle, even when using a suppressor. The rifle is also easy to disassemble and clean by any soldier on the combat field.

The MZ-300 is a 7.62x35mm caliber, .300AAC Blackout automatic weapon available with optional barrel lengths of 9”, 11.5”, and 14.5”. It utilizes 5.56x45mm standard bolts and magazines without any alterations and is suitable for automatic and semi-automatic firing with short barrels and suppressors. The MZ-300 delivers greater terminal ballistics effects such as stopping power and reduced penetration, with an option of automatic firing with suppressors.

According to Ron Pollak, VP Sales and Marketing at EMTAN, “We have successfully developed and marketed a complete line of military grade rifles for the past decade. Our weapons are made from the most advanced materials available and adopted by our customers – who are looking for a cost-effective solution that combines the comfort of the well-known and familiar mechanism (M16/M4) and compliance with stringent military standards. We chose to launch these three weapons in Thailand since we are aware of the needs of the local and regional markets for the type of solutions we offer. The Thai market is very important to us. We have longstanding ties with Thai forces, which have adopted quite a few of our products and are very satisfied with them. We highly appreciate this cooperation, and are working towards its continuation.”

The EMTAN MZ Rifle product line includes the MZ-4- 5.56mm NATO, and the MZ-4P with Piston Operation System fully automatic rifle; the MZ-47- 7.62X39mm, fully automatic rifle, compatible with AK47 gun magazines and accessories; the MZ-10- 7.62x51mm NATO, fully automatic rifle; the MZ-300- 300 Blackout, fully automatic rifle for covert operations; the MZ-9- 9mm NATO, fully automatic submachine gun; and the MZ-15- semi-automatic rifle, suitable for ammunition types 7.62mm, 5.56mm or 223 (for commercial uses such as hunting and sports).

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