Report: Iran attempted to buy nuclear technology illegally 32 times

According to three German intelligence reports that were obtained by Fox News, Tehran tried to buy this technology in Germany. This information was obtained by Fox News, ahead of President Trump’s planned announcement Thursday on whether the U.S. will recertify the Iran deal

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (Photo: AP)

Iran tried to obtain illicit technology that could be used for military nuclear and ballistic missile programs, according to a report by Fox News. The American news channel citing three German intelligence reports as their source. According to Fox News, this raises questions about a possible violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement signed with Tehran.

This new information, based on reports from September and October, reveals that Iran's regime made "32 procurement attempts … that definitely or with high likelihood was undertaken for the benefit of proliferation programs".

The reports state that the attempts took place in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The report lists Iran as a nation that engages in proliferation, which is defined as “spreading atomic, biological or chemical weapons of ".mass destruction

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