Mifram MVB's New Models at AUSA 2017

(Photo: Mifram)

Mifram Security, an Israeli company specializes in the development and sale of advanced protection products to the world’s largest security organizations, is launching, for the first time, new models of the Mobile Vehicle Barrier (MVB), at AUSA 2017 exhibition currently taking place in Washington D.C. The MVB is a protection system for the ever-increasing threat of terrorists using cars and other vehicles to drive into pedestrians and bystanders in crowded locations.

Mifram’s Mobile Vehicle Barrier, the MVB, is one of the company flagship products and first appeared a decade ago. Vehicle terror attacks over the past year have resulted in record demands for the MVB in Europe, the United States and even Australia.

Alongside efforts to meet demands, Mifram develops and launch five new models of the MVB system with even more advanced capabilities. These latest developments are capable of stopping a wide range of vehicles weighing up to four tons and traveling at a variety of speeds both efficiently and safely. 

The new models will be shown again at the Milipol exhibition in France where the two directions “Pyramid Barrier”, the first of its kind in the world capable of stopping a truck, will also be shown.