AUSA 2017: IAI Will Present A Variety of Solutions To The Ground Forces

IAI will present some of their solutions to the ground forces, such as the Green Dragon and ROTEM Loitering Munitions, the TOPGUN system and more

ROTEM (Photo: IAI)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will present a variety of solutions to the ground forces at AUSA. The exhibition will be led by Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Gadi Shamni, Executive VP of Land Systems. The systems that will be presented will focus on the company's perception of the future battlefield, such as power protection, precision munitions, solutions for asymmetric warfare and more.

IAI will present the tactical Loitering Munitions (LM) the Green Dragon and the ROTEM. Tactical, low-cost LM designed to provide small ground units and special operations units with significant situational awareness and firepower in a compact envelope.

Another system that will be presented is BlueDome- designed to reduce friendly fire casualties in complex battlefields by promptly and reliably identifying friendly forces and their locations in the battlefield. BlueDome operation is based on a lightweight transponder device worn by each soldier that transmits coded information with the soldier's ID and location.

IAI will present 'TopGun', a course correction fuze for 155mm artillery shells. In addition, the company will present a variety of EO/IR payloads, ground robotic systems and more.