Major Israeli Presence at DSEI 2017

The Israeli section at the DSEI 2017 in London draws special attention among visitors to the fair. Some 20 Israeli exhibitors take part in this event, regarded as one of the most important international events among Israeli defense industries. Amir Rapaport reports from London
Major Israeli Presence at DSEI 2017

Rafael CEO Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Har Even, center, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Shmuel Olansky, left, and guest at Rafael's booth at DSEI 2017 (Photo: Israel Defense)

Israeli companies draw special attention at the DSEI (Defense & Security Equipment International) fair in London this week. Some 20 Israeli exhibitors take part in this important trade event.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, for example, erected a giant pavilion showcasing an extensive selection of its systems. Among other products, they showcase their Trophy system – the world's only operational active protection system for armored vehicles, various items from their Spike missile family – multipurpose high-precision optically-guided missiles, and remotely-controlled weapon stations. Additionally, Rafael also showcases their MiCAD (Modular Integrated C4I Air Defense) system – an integrated command and control system for air-defense layouts. A simulator installed in Rafael's pavilion demonstrates the Company's capabilities in the land systems category.

The UVision Air Company participates in the DSEI fair for the first time as a partner of European industrial giant Thales. Both companies showcase UVision's loitering munition platform, Hero-30 – a missile carried by a single trooper and launched pneumatically. The range of the Hero-30 is up to 40 kilometers and it can remain airborne for up to thirty minutes before it homes onto its target. The warhead of the Hero-30 weighs about 500 grams. UVision intends to introduce a new, round-shaped launcher for this missile. The recent cooperative association between UVision and Thales is aimed at the British, French and Australian markets. UVision also cooperates with the Raytheon Company of the USA vis-à-vis the US market.


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presents at DSEI in London an integrated approach to land warfare. Implementing a strategic decision to expand its activities in the land systems category, despite the fact that the company had originated from the aerial systems field, IAI presents itself in London as a "land systems" defense industry to all intents and purposes. This is IAI's first appearance at DSEI in London after many years of absence, and the first time it ever introduced a comprehensive approach to land warfare for a land battlefield that could be urban or afforested.

IAI showcases such relevant land systems as a state-of-the-art Radar system by IAI's ELTA Division; the Top Gun fuze that converts a general purpose artillery shell into a precision-guided munition; the Green Dragon loitering missile; the Barak-8 missiles; tactical communication devices that enable the commander on the ground to view the battlefield even through the use of the smartphones of his subordinates using the LTE technology, et al.

Leading IAI's presentation in London is the Head of IAI's Land Systems Division, Maj. Gen. (res.) Gadi Shamni. According to him: "All of the resources showcased by IAI correspond to a comprehensive combat doctrine. This doctrine stands on several pillars. One of them is the principle according to which the modern battlefield is saturated with sensors, all of which are made available to the operator.

"Another principle is that all of the processes are automatic. The systems may be operated without human involvement, and such involvement will only depend on the fire employment guidelines that are based on non-technological considerations. Yet another principle involves the use of systems that continuously distinguish between friendly and enemy forces, with regard to infantry elements and armored vehicles.

"The fourth principle involves the use of massive communication networks, capable of handling massive amounts of data. Another cornerstone is the intensified employment of robots and remotely-controlled platforms. Only the integrated concept, which is based on the new technologies, will bring about the complete revolution on the land battlefield," says Shamani.


Plasan Sasa is another Israeli exhibitor at the DSEI fair, regarded as one of the most important events for Israeli defense industries.


The pavilion of IMOD's SIBAT (Defense Exports & Defense Cooperation) Division is devoted to the promotion of small and medium enterprises (SME). Hundreds of meetings with representatives from countries around the world, mainly from Europe, were scheduled for the representatives of the companies participating in the fair, with the intention of helping them promote their businesses. Israel Defense was there, too, and the latest issue of Israel Defense Magazine was distributed among the visitors to the fair.


Elbit Systems participates in the DSEI fair being held in London this week for the first time as a British company to all intents and purposes, under the brand Elbit UK. This completes a process that positioned Britain as a significant center for Elbit Systems, similarly to the activity of their successful US subsidiary – Elbit US.

Ran Kril, Elbit Systems' Executive Vice President International Marketing, says that the debut appearance by Elbit UK reflects the strategy of the Elbit group in the UK. According to him, "Admittedly, Elbit already has five companies and two significant partnerships in the UK, but we have reached the conclusion that in order to accomplish that significant leap, we must treat Britain as an actual home market, similar to the USA and Israel. As part of this process, we should be branded as a British company and enhance our cooperation with British companies. Our British company will enable us to initiate strategic moves in the UK and develop long-term connections."


Opgal Optronic Industries showcases at DSEI in London a 360-degree situational awareness system based on the lessons derived from Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip in 2014. The system, known as "Local Situational Awareness Kit 360" is intended to enhance the awareness of combat vehicle crews with regard to whatever takes place around them, so as to prevent the enemy forces from 'sneaking up on them' through blind spots not visible from the crew compartment. The system includes a command screen that collects data from sensors mounted on the vehicle and enables full awareness of whatever goes on around the vehicle at any given moment.

According to Roi Israeli, Opgal's marketing manager, the kit can include between 4 and 8 sensors, with a single display screen concentrating the data received from all of the channels. The crewmen can select on which channel to focus. The system incorporates Opgal's proprietary analytics capabilities.


Rada Electronic Industries showcased their Radar systems at the DSEI fair. Company GM Dubi Sela visited his Company's pavilion.

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