Israeli Manufacturer D-Fence Launches the D-CYBERSAFE System

Israeli Manufacturer D-Fence Launches the D-CYBERSAFE System

D-Fence Electronic Fencing & Security Systems, an Israeli manufacturer of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), has launched D-CYBERSAFE, a new generation of hardened managed switches featuring built-in capabilities for security systems.

Physical security systems are connected to communication networks to enable monitoring and control. This connection leaves the systems vulnerable to cyberattacks, threatens national security and affects public safety.

D-CYBERSAFE is a modular system specifically designed for physical security networks, SCADA based systems and safe-city applications. D-CYBERSAFE protects security systems, including surveillance cameras, computers, alarm systems and so forth from any unauthorized connection, internal or external.

D-FENCE has initiated deliveries of the new system to clients in Israel and overseas. Just recently, the D-CYBERSAFE system has been installed in the context of a security project in the Far East. Company CEO Uriel Bin expects hundreds of these devices to be installed both in Israel and around the world in 2017.

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