The US Wants Help Defending Space from Cyberattacks

Photo: Bigstock

The United States Air Force is looking for defensive cyber operations contractor support to protect space weapon systems.

In a request for information issued at the end of March, the 50th Network Operations Group, which falls under the 50th Space Wing, is soliciting industry cyber defense capabilities to enable protection, detection, response and sustainment of 50th Space Wing cyber defense missions.

The notice was sure to note that 50th Space Wing Space Mission Systems “are distinct from general purpose communications systems such as the NIPRNet and the SIPRNet; the subject of this acquisition is Cybersecurity and DCO for 50 SW Space Mission Systems.”

While the US Air Force has its own organic cyber force, this cadre is focused solely on the Air Force portion of the DoD’s information network.

The US Defense Department has begun to take seriously the threat posed by unsecured weapons systems, all of which at some level rely on some form of cyber-enabled means. Last year, the comptroller’s office notified Congress that it was repurposing $100 million to go towards testing and evaluating cyber vulnerabilities in weapon systems.


[Source: Fifth Domain]