Germany Orders 1,000 Spike LR Missiles from Rafael

The German parliament gave the green light on 22 March for the Bundeswehr to procure 1,000 Israeli-designed Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and 97 corresponding launcher units worth EUR158.3 million (USD172 million) from EuroSpike under the Bundeswehr's multirole guided missile system (MELLS) program.

The contract breaks down into EUR112.4 million for the missiles themselves, EUR25.6 million for the launchers, and EUR20.3 million for integration into the Bundeswehr's AGDUS laser-based training and simulation system.

The procurement is to begin in 2018, with 104 missiles and 39 launcher units to be procured by 2020. The German Ministry of Defense expects additional user costs for MELLS of EUR25 million projected over the course of 20 years until 2037, as well as EUR18.7 million in user costs for the AGDUS components.



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