IWA 2017: Silver Shadow Unveils the Gilboa DBR Snake

IWA 2017: Silver Shadow Unveils the Gilboa DBR Snake

Making their debut appearance at the IWA 2017 Exhibition currently taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, Silver Shadow of Israel, manufacturers of the Gilboa line of assault rifles and the patented Corner Shot weapon system, unveiled their eagerly anticipated Gilboa Snake, a double-barreled AR chambered for 5.56mm x 45mm caliber ammunition. The Gilboa Snake utilizes a parallel-double-magazine holder, with each loading cycle feeding two rounds into two separate barrels and firing mechanisms.

Silver Shadow also showcased other products of their Gilboa series of assault rifles:

The Gilboa M43 rifle – the first Gilboa model manufactured in the USA – an AR-based platform that uses the same 7.62mm x 39mm magazines and ammunition as used by the AK family of assault rifles; The Gilboa 9mm SMG – a submachinegun version that utilizes Glock pistol magazines and has an action similar to that of the M4 rifle; A series of 5.56mm Gilboa carbines, SBRs (short barreled rifles) and DMRs (designated marksman rifles); The Gilboa 300 BLACKOUT – an AR version that uses a 5.56mm lower receiver and a 7.62X39mm upper receiver, enabling the use of a silencer/suppressor and significantly improving range and penetration of the projectile.

The company also showcased their famous Corner Shot weapon system, sold to police and military units worldwide.

Silver Shadow has already supplied its rifles to several clients in Israel, including the Israel Nature Reserves Authority, Seagull maritime security, Israel Railways, the Israel Post office response team, Ministry of Agriculture, Dead Sea Works, various local security companies and MoD contractors.

According to Micky Shoam, Silver Shadow's marketing manager, "All references to this gun on the social networks, immediately gets a huge buzz. There are about 5,000 US customers on the waiting list, waiting for the minute that the rifle will begin to be marketed in the country.


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