Czech Republic to buy Eight IAI/ELTA Radars

The Czech Ministry of Defense will sign a contract with ELTA Systems to supply eight ELM-2084 multi-mission radar (MMR) systems worth $112.3 million

Photo: ELM 2084 MMR (Multi-Mission Radar) / ELTA Systems

The Czech Ministry of Defense announced that it had selected IAI/ELTA as the winner of its tender for new 3D mobile air defense radar (MADR) for the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR), reports IHS Janes.

The MoD said it will prepare a contract with ELTA Systems before 23 December to supply eight ELM-2084 multi-mission radar (MMR) systems worth USD112.3 million and intends to have the contract signed by mid-2017 with final deliveries of all systems to be supplied no later than 2021.

"The ACR will receive one of the most modern radar systems in existence that is in use with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) but also by other armed forces such as Canada," said Czech defense minister Martin Stropnicky.

Czech defense electronics company Retia, which is the indigenous partner of IAI/ELTA Systems, will produce 30% of the critical components of the ELM-2084 MMR.

The ELM-2084 MMR is deployed by the IDF and forms part of the Iron Dome anti-missile defense shield. The system will allow ACR air defense units to monitor, track, and intercept airborne targets at altitudes from 100-3,000 m.

"The modernization of the (air defense) radar capability is essential for the ACR since Soviet-era radar systems currently in use are obsolete," said Chief of General Staff of the ACR Lt. Gen. Josef Becvar. "New mobile 3D radar systems will greatly expand the capabilities of the ACR."

A Czech MoD selection committee chose ELTA Systems based on 114 criteria over competing bids from Saab and Thales.