Ex-Rafael CEO Yedidia Yaari Joins Fuel Cell Manufacturer, GenCell

Yaari Joins with the vision of transforming energy market for homeland security applications

Ex-Rafael CEO Yedidia Yaari Joins Fuel Cell Manufacturer, GenCell

VADM (ret.) Yedidia Yaari

GenCell, the leading Israeli-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer, announced the appointment of ex-Rafael CEO, VADM (ret.) Yedidia Yaari, as its new president.

Yaari joins GenCell with over 12 years of experience in developing and supplying defense technologies to government forces around the world. According to the company's release, Yaari will help GenCell to drive global adoption of its breakthrough ‘space’ fuel cell technology, and ensure that critical systems stayed online when most needed.

Yedidia Yaari commented, “As the chief of the Israel Navy, and then subsequently as CEO of Rafael, I can spot a game changer when I see one, and know how important a reliable power supply is to national security – especially to Israel. It’s not a 'nice to have,' it’s a 'must have.'

So I was watching GenCell for several years and saw what they have achieved, and realized the huge potential of its unique technology to revolutionize the homeland security market. Not only for critical back-up applications, but also in areas without access to the grid, providing life-changing continuous power to remote communities and first responders during disaster recovery.”

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