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The Naval Front

The naval front is a front where the Navy operates 24/7: executing fire attacks, generating intelligence data and employing the Naval Commandos in a series of covert operations inside the Gaza Strip

Elbit Launches New Radar for Detection and Tracking in Foliage

The new radar, the FPR-10, plays a crucial role in the Wide-Area-Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) Concept for superior Terrain Dominance. The system was presentedat the ongoing 3rd Israeli HLS Conference, as well as other HLS solutions: including a highly advanced command and control system

המשטרה נזכרת בנופליה

משטרת ישראל ערכה את הטקס הממלכתי לזכר חללי המשטרה. המפכ"ל דנינו: "ביסוד קיומה ובטחונה של ישראל עומדת מסירות אין קץ של יקיריה שנפלו"

India to Develop a Competitor to the Trophy

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of the Indian Army is looking to develop an active protection system for armored vehicles. If and when such a system will be materialized, it will compete against the Israeli "Trophy" by Rafael

New Maritime Surveillance Radars

Israel Aerospace Industries will display a variety of unique naval defense solutions at the upcoming Euronaval International Naval Defense and Maritime Exhibition, including two new additions to IAI's Maritime Surveillance Radar family

IAI Takes on the Cyber Arena

Israel Aerospace Industries concludes year 2014 with cyber-solutions contracts totaling dozens of millions of dollars. Two significant contracts were signed with strategic, defense, foreign customers

Hamas' Ramadan War

Did Hamas planned to start the round of fighting in Gaza specifically in the month of Ramadan? Colonel (ret.) Pesach Maluvany in an article on the religious element in the military and operational planning of Islamic organizations and countriesHamas' Ramadan War

Should Israel Embrace Anew the Doctrine of Preventive War?

Israel is engaged in warfare against Hamas – a terror organization that openly declares its desire to bring upon the destruction of Israel, and who does not seem to be willing to end the fighting. Israel will have to ask itself whether its military doctrine suits the challenges and threats Israel is facingShould Israel embrace anew the doctrine of Preventive War?