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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan (Photo: AP)

Between the ISIS Ambush and the Fatah Elections

The primary defense event of the last week was the first combat encounter between the IDF and ISIS on the Golan Heights, but the most volatile arena remains the Palestinian front. Amir Rapaport's weekly column

Spc. Christen Best VLC1 - M1A1 Abrams from 1-72nd Armor Regiment line up in preparation to assault a town during Warrior Focus, a training exercise involving the entire 1st HBCT, Feb. 10 at the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility at Rodriguez Live Fire Complex.

US Army to Demo Robotic Wingman Vehicles in 2017

The idea is to give the weapons loader on an Abrams tank the responsibility to control unmanned air and ground vehicles by equipping the tank with an automatic loader

IDF Helicopter takes off from Mount Hermon on the Golan Heights (Photo: IDF)

"Out of the North, the Evil will Break Forth"

The war in Syria has completely changed the military and political structure of the Golan Heights region. Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori discusses the threats facing Israel from the North and maps the Jewish State's interests in the new Middle Eastern climate