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Ivan the Terrible

In the future, Russia will replace its human soldiers with robotic ones. The first model: Ivan the Terminator

Photo: AP

Invading Syria: a Honey Trap for Erdoğan

The criticism against President Trump for abandoning the Kurds notwithstanding, his decision to allow the Turks to enter northern Syria appears to have been the outcome of strategic thinking. Erdoğan appears to have won the negotiations, but in the long run he has a lot to lose. Commentary  

Photo: Ronen Topelberg

The Future of Unmanned Systems: UVID 2019 is Underway

Thousands of people from around the world are gathering at the Avenue Convention and Events Center in Israel to participate in UVID 2019 – the 8th International Conference on Unmanned Vehicles. Dozens of companies are showcasing their systems in a major exhibition held alongside the conference

Photo: AP

US Apache Helicopters Attacked ISIS in Northern Iraq

The Americans are deepening their military involvement the Middle East: US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter revealed that for the first time in this campaign, Apache attack helicopters carried out attacks against ISIS targets in Iraq