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IAI plant (Photo: Meir Azulay)

13 Arrested for ‘Deep Corruption’ at IAI

Senior executives, board members, and a former senior IDF officer are allegedly involved in deep-rooted corruption at Israel Aerospace Industries. Charges include fraud, money laundering, and breach of trust

The USV Threat in the Red Sea

According to US assessments, the January 31 Houthi attack on a Saudi frigate was carried out by an unmanned, remote-controlled vessel. If this is true, then the Red Sea arena is facing a new threat with significant implications

"After Brexit, France remains the only European nuclear power." The French "Le Vigilant" nuclear submarine (Photo: AP)

How to Implement Nuclear Deterrence in Europe

The probable reduced US interest in European defense, combined with a possible series of tensions with the Russian Federation, make it necessary to rethink the European nuclear arsenal and the whole Eurasian defense doctrine. Opinion

The Iranian Spike?

After copying several Israeli UAV designs, Iran is now revealing an anti-tank missile which bears a striking resemblance to the Rafael-made Spike missile