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The "Great Wall" of Saudi Arabia

Israel is not the only country with a security fence – Saudi Arabia is building a sophisticated security barrier, dubbed "Great Wall", to protect the country from invasion by the Islamic State militants

On Flexibility / Meir Finkel

Brigadier General (res.) Dr. Dani Asher, author, lecturer, and veteran intelligence officer, reviews Colonel Dr. Meir Finkel’s book on “The element of surprise in warfare”. The author claims that knowing how to recover quickly from battlefield surprise is imperative in force planning

Severe Setbacks to al-Shabaab's Intelligence Service

The surrender of the head of the Amniyat, al Shabaab's intelligence service, and the death of his successor, would be the latest in a series of setbacks for the al-Shabaab militia since the death of its former leader. However, Dr. Shaul Shay believes al-Shabaab is far from being defeated

Chinese J-11 fighter jets. Soon in Iraq in Syria?

Will China Strike against ISIS?

Report on the Financial Times and RT websites reveals that China has offered Iraq help in the form of air strikes against ISIS last September. China denies, but confirms that the Chinese government supports Iraq "in its own way"