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Record, Process & Analyze

The video source market has been developing at a mind-boggling pace in recent years, but Israel Rom believes that several substantial challenges must be overcome first in order to fulfill the expectations of the HLS world

Software-Based Military

The Matzpen software development unit, operating under the Lotem Unit, is responsible for the development of major software projects - among the most substantial in IDF history. A glimpse into the IDF’s largest software house

Der Spiegel: Syria is Developing Nuclear Arms

Some time ago, Europe and the US have declared that Assad has surrendered his entire chemical arsenal. However, recent satellite images indicate that Assad has not given up his dream of an atomic weapon and has apparently built a new nuclear facility at a secret location

Behind the Scenes: Israel Navy’s Shipyard

The large, heavy, and advanced ships of the Israel Navy play an integral role in a variety of the IDF’s missions. These ships could not operate smoothly if they were not properly cared for, by the Israel Navy’s Shipyard. An inside look

Extended & Protected M-113 APCs?

BAE and IMI offer the IDF an extended and upgraded version of the veteran M-113 APC, fitted with an active protection system and passive and reactive protection

Should Israel Attack in Iran?

If a "bad deal" is to be signed between the P5+1 and Iran, military action might be the last option for Israel. The hurdles: political confrontation with the West, and the possibility that the attack will fail. Special commentary by Amir Rapaport

Climbing the Walls

Terrorist have taken hostages and are hiding inside of a building. Someone has to rescue them. This is the kind of scenario the elite fighters of the Counter-Terrorism Unit deal with. Here is a rare look into their special training