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Photo: Reuters

The Relations Between the United States and Poland

Commentary:  Now that the Warsaw Pact is annihilated and much of it has even entered the West, the centre of gravity of a Western countermove against the Russian Federation - now isolated from the context of the old Warsaw Pact - can only be Poland. The greater the coldness between Poland and the EU - not so much politically but strategically - the greater the link between Poland and the United States.

An Uzbek T-64MV tank. Photo: State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Defense Industry

Uzbek Army to upgrade its T-64 Main Battle Tanks

The upgrade includes replacement of the MBT’s standard diesel engine with the engine used by the T-72 tank family, which is said to bring the mobility of the T-64MV to the same level as that of the T-72

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The Outstanding Issue of the Libyan Intelligence Services

Commentary: Libya's Intelligence Services have been without a leader since the death of Abdoullah Masoud Al Darsi in April. There are currently many more candidates than usual competing to replace him. Meanwhile, the Turkish Intelligence Service is now capable of deciding many posts and positions in the Tripoli government, pulling rank and underlining its military role in Libya.