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Brig. Gen. (Res.) Gal Hirsch. Photo: Meir Azulay

Command and Control in the Corona Crisis: Who Should Manage the Campaign

Commentary: Recently we have witnessed a continuing debate over the authority and responsibility to manage the corona crisis. There are those who claim that the campaign should be managed in a different manner and with a different chain of command. This article presents the author's professional position on the topic

Photo: Bigstock

Italy’s Current Economic Crisis

Commentary: The country's economic system is changing. Italy will not survive within the Euro area without quantitative easing, the Public Sector Purchase Programme, or any other means that may be devised by the European Central Bank

Apache helicopter. Photo: Boeing

Boeing Delivers 2,500th AH-64 Apache Helicopter

Apaches have evolved with revolutionary technologies so they now feature capabilities for resiliency in multi-mission operational environments, meeting the requirements of aviators and battlefield commanders 

Uri Boros, CEO of BLER Systems. Photo provided by the company

Who Protects the Sea Ports

Commentary: Nowadays, it is not possible to rely solely on passport checks or physical examinations in airports or seaports to prevent potential future attacks. Significant and sensitive facilities ought to receive real-time information about any unusual activity or object which will enter their premises, and by using cyber and OSINT intelligence technologies, it is now possible.