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Kaspersky: "I Have Never Met Putin"

"Israeli government entities who want to, could check our source code for themselves and visit our offices in Russia in order to see that we have no contact with the Russian government," said Eugene Kaspersky in response to the Bloomberg article, as part of a casual interview we conducted with him at CyberTech 2015. "The international cooperation is far more important than the attempts to politicize cyber"

Manners in Space

Over the past few years, the space superpowers have tried to decide on the proper etiquette for behavior in the skies. Should space be considered a combat arena like all other arenas? Can military use of space be limited, and to what degree? Can the positioning of weapon and armament systems be prevented?

"ISIS is Not the Only Potential Danger"

"ISIS is not far from us, but they are not the only potential danger for us in the region,” asserted General Yair Golan, the newly appointed IDF Deputy Chief of Staff. “We shouldn’t overstate the ISIS threat and we can’t forget that the most pressing threat is from radical Shia Islam, led by Hezbollah"

“The next space battle will take place on the ground”

Most attacks on space systems are carried out from the ground and include cyber-attacks against ground stations controlling espionage and communication satellites. The Yuval Ne'eman Workshop at Tel Aviv University will attempt to deal with these threats, which are directed at Israel