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Yoni Schoenfeld (Photo: Meir Azulay)

The Lightness of an M-16 AR, the Rate of Fire of a Machine Gun

The new 7.62mm Negev NG7 machine gun made its debut appearance during Operation Protective Edge. In the weapon test we conducted on it, it managed to surprise us - in almost every firing position. Exclusive

IMI's Delilah air-to-surface standoff missiles (Photo: IMI)

Stand-Off Fire – the Feasibility of Overbalance & the Deterrence Aspect

In the era of asymmetrical conflicts, the objective of the state side is to create a situation of interests, at the end of the confrontation, where the other side will not want to lose those interests. David Ivry believes such an objective may be achieved by combining the use of stand-off weapons and other state-initiated economic measuresThe Feasibility of Overbalance & the Deterrence Aspect

Lone Terrorist – A Role Model

Against the background of the increase in attacks by individual terrorists, Meir Gershuni, a former senior Shin Bet official, believes that a comprehensive strategic treatment of terrorists and their environment should be incorporated in training for intelligence gatheringLone Terrorist – A Role Model

Who are the Bad Guys?

Maj. Gen. (res.) David Ivry on the conscience and ethics of the IAF pilots and the conditions under which they operate. "We are allowed to kill the enemy only after he had already killed us"The conscience and ethics of the IAF pilots

New Israeli Rifle Exposed at IWA 2015

"Amtan Karmiel" unveiled at the arms exhibition held in Germany two versions of a new rifle. This is the semi-automatic MZ-15 rifle, compatible with the AR-15, and its automatic version, MZ-4, compatible with the M-16. Special Coverage by Eyal Bugoslavsky from Nuremberg