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An infantry soldier with a Spike SR missile. Photo: Rafael

Video: Watch Rafael’s Spike SR Demo

The Israeli defense systems developer’s missile was designed to be a more maneuverable, lightweight anti-tank weapon for infantry forces

Photo: AP

The Goal: A Continental Defense Force

Since World War II, European leaders have been attempting to establish a common military organization, but these initiatives never materialized. A series of events that took place over the last few years led to a renewed emergence of the notion of a European Army. Are we closer than ever to the establishment of a continental security organization?  

Archive photo: Bigstock

OSINT: The key to cracking AML/CTF investigations

Financial institutions are vulnerable to attacks by individuals and groups who hide their identity using sophisticated methods. OSINT tools can be useful for obtaining unique intelligence and helping protect the time and resources of financial institutions

IDF F-35 aircraft. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

“Support for IDF action against Iran - even if it leads to war”

A comprehensive study by the INSS has found that the Israeli public supports the IDF’s actions against Iranian entrenchment in the northern sector. According to the findings, only about half of the public thinks that the home front is prepared for a war. Also: What does the public think about Israel’s relations with the US?

Syrian army. Photo: AP

The Syrian Military Rises from the Ashes

Assad's military underwent a profound upheaval during the years of the civil war, which brought it to the point of almost complete dissolution. However, the increased Russian involvement in the country has contributed greatly to the rehabilitation of the Syrian Armed Forces. All of these developments also include some good news for Israel  

An intercepting rocket fired by the upgraded Iron Dome system. Photo: Israel Ministry of Defense

Watch: New Series of Iron Dome Tests Are Successful

A decade after the first test series for the Israeli missile defense system, a new series examined how Iron Dome would handle an updated world of threats

ISA Director Nadav Argaman. Photo: Ronen Topelberg

ISA Head: “We thwarted 560 terrorist attacks in the past year”

Agency director Nadav Argaman spoke at the ceremony for the Prime Minister’s Prize for ISA intelligence/operational achievements. Argaman said that “ten suicide attacks, four kidnapping attacks and more than 300 shooting attacks” were among those thwarted

 Prime minister netanyahu reveals the iranian archives. Photo: AP

Secrecy in the Service of Advocacy

Yarden Vatikay, who served as Head of the National Information Directorate for more than a decade, reveals in a special interview how Israel converts secret intelligence into public campaigns in support of its interests  

Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani. Photo: AP

The Clash Between The US and Iran Goes Beyond Guns and Bombs

All-out warfare would likely be deeply painful for both sides. Therefore, the two will likely choose to largely avoid large-scale military conflicts. Instead, they will to attack each other through cyber warfare, as well as diplomatic and economic means. Analysis