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Israel Aerospace Industries CEO Nimrod Sheffer. Photo: Kfir Ziv

IAI Reports Income of Over $4 Billion in 2019

The company's income grew by $426 million in 2019 and its profits increased to $90 million, the highest level in a decade. IAI CEO: The business transformation that the company has undergone during the last few years is bearing fruit  

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Coronavirus Leads to Sharp Rise in Phishing Attacks

The number of phishing attack sites on the internet has reportedly risen to 350% of their level in January. “I believe hackers have identified the coronavirus as something about which users are desperate to find information,” said Rachel Welch, COO of Atlas VPN

Joseph Assaf Turner. Photo provided by Maya Security

Managing Cybersecurity in Times of Crisis

Those in charge of cybersecurity are tasked with protecting the company from existing cyberthreats and preparing for new ones already. Companies that will align their cybersecurity to the changing business world will be more protected during the crisis and will have a significant operational and security advantages in the time after the crisis.

President of Turkey Racep Taip Erdogan. Archive photo: AP

The Turkish Intelligence

One of the primary goals of the Turkish Secret Service, the MIT, is penetration/control of the Kurdish PKK. Another target is Fethullah Gûlen’s organization, namely Hizmet. The MIT has had very sound relations with the CIA since the 1950s and has always had good relations with the intelligence agencies of Russia and Middle Eastern countries but has never had an effective and stable network of agents and collaborations with European intelligence services

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Chinese Group Said to Carry Out Huge Cyber Intrusion Operation

The APT41 group targeted vulnerabilities at targets around the world in one of the broadest operations of its kind by Chinese hackers. The telecommunications, defense, high technology, healthcare, banking/finance, and petrochemicals industries were among those targeted, cyber security company FireEye says