Wikileaks: Russia offered to cancel S-300 Deal with Iran for Israeli UAV Technology

Wikileaks reveals that in 2010, Israel was offered by Russia to cancel the delivery of S-300 missile systems to Iran, in exchange for Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle technology, for which it was willing to pay $1 billion

Wikileaks: Russia offered to cancel S-300 Deal with Iran for Israeli UAV Technology

A leaked document published on reveals that in 2010, Russia raised the provision of sophisticated Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in exchange for canceling the S-300 sale to Iran.

According to the publication, IMOD's Political-Military Chief Amos Gilad said that Russian interlocutors had acknowledged development gaps in their UAV platform and that Russia is prepared to pay USD one billion for Israeli UAV technology. He reiterated that Israel would not provide its latest UAV technology, arguing that such technology would likely end up in the hands of the Chinese.

Regarding the Iranian nuclear program, Gilad was not sure Tehran had decided it wants a nuclear weapon – but is "determined" to obtain the option to build one. According to Gilad, given Tehran's clandestine nuclear program (e.g., Qom), it will not be clear when Iran has reached the "point of no return." He doubted Iran would choose to let it overtly known that it has produced a nuclear weapon. The document also reveals that the Iranians planned to build ten additional uranium enrichment facilities.

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