On the Way to Mars

A space vehicle developed by the Israeli company Automotive Industries Ltd from Nazareth Illit will serve NASA in a space mission

Photo: Automotive Industries LTD

The Artemis Jr. lunar rover, developed by Israeli Automotive Industries Ltd from Nazareth Illit, in which Canadian and South Korean elements are also involved, is expected to take part in future NASA missions as well as missions in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

The Canadian Space Agency presented the vehicle, intended to help astronauts find water on the moon, before NASA last week. The vehicle is meant to search for water and oxygen on the moon that can then be converted into an energy source or fuel to serve space shuttles headed for Mars. A drill is also installed onboard the rover, which will allow for drilling into the moon’s surface and locating water.

Automotive Industries LTD, which also produces the Amstaff unmanned vehicle, was responsible for the development of the control systems onboard the Artemis Jr, as well as the vehicle’s ground-based command and control systems. The company also developed and produced some of the components installed in the lunar rover.

“If we can reach the moon, we can also introduce it to the Egyptian border," says Amos Goren, founder and CEO of Automotive Industries, who wants the Amsatff vehicle to be used for protecting Israel's borders.

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