UVision at the Paris Air Show: UGV That Launches Loitering Munition

An innovative concept developed by Israeli company UVision is presented at the exhibition in Paris: loitering munition launched from a remotely operated UGV. The launch system is mounted on a tomcar vehicle. Special coverage from Paris

UVision at the Paris Air Show: UGV That Launches Loitering Munition

Israeli company UVision, which is displaying its new family of loitering munitions at the Le Bourget Air Show in Paris, unveiled a new concept it had developed. This is a concept in which a remotely operated unmanned ground vehicle launches a loitering munition system manufactured by UVision. The launch system is mounted on a tomcar vehicle.

As mentioned above, apart from the new concept, the company its full line of multi-operational BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) precision loitering solutions, named The HERO family. The company develops several versions, to be employed according to the size of the target and the manner in which the platform should be used. The smallest attack munition weighs 3 kg only and the weight of its warhead is about one third of the total weight. It is fitted with a battery that weighs 1 kg. The Micro-Stamp payload by Controp of Israel, weighing 300 grams only, is fitted to the head of the UAV. This payload enables daytime and night video surveillance with the images transmitted to the operators in the rear area. The UAV may be used for surveillance and intelligence collection missions. All strike missions may be aborted until the very last moment and the UAV may be retrieved with landing accomplished by means of a parachute.

UVision's CEO is Yair Dubester, one of the pioneers of the Israeli UAV industry, who served as the manager of MALAT, IAI's UAV division. UVision is a privately-owned company. Following a change of ownership a few years ago, the Company also revised its business and technology focus. The Chairman of UVision's Board of Directors is former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Major-General (res.) Yair Naveh.

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