Tamir Pardo

Director of the Mossad

Tamir Pardo (Photo: Flash 90)

A thirty year veteran of the Mossad, Tamir Pardo has held most positions in the operations and technological sections where he trained generations of agents and case officers.

Military background: signal officer in Sayeret Matkal (elite commando unit). Professional career: 1980 – Entered the Mossad, operations track, served in a wide range of roles. 1988 – Command positions in various departments. 1998 -2002 – Head of the Operations Directorate. 2002-2006 – Assistant to Meir Dagan, director of the Mossad. 2006-2007 - "On loan" status to the IDF General Staff. 2007-June 2009 – The prime minister and director of the Mossad request Pardo's return as deputy director.

Education: B.A. (political science and history) Tel Aviv University.

Family status: married + 2 + 1 granddaughter.

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