Special Testing of the 'Engineering Namer' APC

A special configuration of the Namer APC for the combat engineering forces will enable them to overcome obstacles on the battlefield, with maximum protection of the Trophy system

Special Testing of the 'Engineering Namer' APC

Courtesy of Mantak, IMOD

The Tank Program Administration (MANTAK) at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the IDF, began operational testing this week of a special configuration of the Namer APC (Armored Personnel Carrier, based on a Merkava tank), adapted to the unique needs of combat engineering soldiers of the IDF. The operational testing took place at the Bahalatz 14 Military Combat Engineering School.

The 'engineering Namer' is built in three configurations: an APC for the company commander with a bulldozer scoop, an APC for the platoon commander with breaching abilities and an APC for the platoon sergeant with towing and bridging capabilities. The Namer APC is considered the most protected armored vehicle in the world. Its capabilities were proven during Operation Protective Edge, when many lives were saved thanks to it.

All new Namer APCs are equipped with the Trophy system, which also had great success in protecting the Merkava tanks during Operation Protective Edge.

Brig. Gen. Baruch Mazliach, head of the Tank Program Administration, said, "The 'engineering Namer' will offer the combat teams new capabilities, of overcoming any engineering obstacle on the battlefield, effective and protected maneuvering and maintaining maximum operationality. The combination of the new engineering capabilities, together with the capabilities of the Namer and the trophy system, will provide the IDF's engineering troops with a significant advantage on the battlefield."


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