Simulating Real Combat

The Spike missile tactical trainer at the IDF Infantry School that recently underwent upgrades allows soldiers and commanders to train complex combat scenarios

Simulating Real Combat

The Spike missile tactical team trainer being operated at the IDF School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders (Bislamach) in Israel's south recently underwent a considerable upgrade following the installation of a Scenario Editor software that allows for the establishment of sophisticated, AI-integrated combat scenarios that simulate the real combat arena.

The Spike Team Trainer (STT) was developed at the Precision Tactical Weapon Systems Directorate at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and is operated by Armal, which is currently concluding its position as Rafael's subsidiary. The system is used for training operational Spike platoons, soldiers and commanders on a variety of operational scenarios adapted to the goals and needs of the specific training, from the solitary soldier level and up to the platoon level. The trainer simulates an third-dimensional area cell that contains all of the necessary target models as well as enemy, friendly and neutral forces, so that trainees can receive a realistic combat picture presented on a wide screen.

Reuben S., head of the Spike trainer product line at Rafael, says that "the Scenario Editor software allows the main instructor to come up with combat scenarios that are close to the reality soldiers will encounter during war. These include clusters of enemy tanks moving in complex and realistic movement courses, just as they would actually move in the field, quick extraction of data, movement of targets in built-up areas and more.

"The software makes it possible to simulate assorted weather conditions, including rain and snow, as well as different times of the day, artillery fire simulation, camouflage and 3D battlefield noises (through the use of a complex audio system). All of this is done in an interactive manner during the training. In addition, the chief instructor has a control station from which he can do things such as position the missile launchers, "throw" system malfunctions at the trainees, mark fire sectors, select force positions and more. Through this station, the chief instructor introduces the personal details of the trainees and the department, and it is from this station that he produces the training report.

"Before the tactical trainer was introduced, commanders went out into the field without a previous real training with their teams. Through the system, they can train on things such as force fire distribution, coordination of the fire sectors between Spike classes, coordination of speaking on the communication network and more."

Rafael's family of Spike missiles is in operational use in the IDF and has been sold to more than 20 clients around the world. The precise tactical missiles are considered the most advanced of their kind around the world, and are expensive systems that should be used in an economic manner on one hand while fulfill the required mission on the other.

According to Reuben S., since it first entered operational use in the IDF, more than 1,500 soldiers and commanders have trained on the system, while considerably improving their results with the missile.

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