Report: Myanmar Acquired Super Dvora Mk 3 Boats from IAI

According to foreign media reports, Myanmar will buy Super Dvora Mk 3 fast patrol boats from Israel

מקור: פייסבוק

According to a report on bmpd.livejournal, Myanmar acquired to buy Super Dvora Mk 3 FPB from IAI. The boats are produced at the RAMTA plant of IAI. The deal was closed during a visit of Myanmar's army Chief of Staff, Min Aung Hlanya, in Israel in September, the report said.

During his visit, the Chief of Staff visited the Elta factory, RAMTA and the naval base of the Super Dvora boats of the Israeli Navy. According to the report, these boats were sold to Israel, Sri Lanka and more recently Angola.

[Photo from the visit can be found on Min Aung Hlanya's official Facebook page].

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