Report: Israeli-made Russian drone was shot down in Ukraine

According to a report on Channel 9, this is a Searcher II UAV manufactured by IAI, that has been acquired by Russia several years ago

(Photo: Channel 9)

According to a publication on Channel 9, IAI's Searcher II UAV was shot down by Ukrainian forces over Donbass. According to the report, the drone was purchased by Russia five years ago.

The findings from the event was transferred to the Aerorazvedka Ukraine Unit, which operates drones for Ukraine, and one of its officers is a former Israeli named Nathan Hazin. According to him, the drone was equipped with an aerial photography payload. Hazin says the Russian government purchased the UAV, and that the likelihood that Separatists bought it directly from Israel is zero. "This is an evidence of direct intervention by the Russian government in the fighting," says Hazin.