Rafael Unveils Remote-Controlled Launcher for SPIKE NLOS Missiles

The SPARC system is designed to be operated remotely by a control unit – up to 500 m from the launcher

Photo: Rafael

At the DESI exhibition in the UK, Rafael unlived SPARC, a remote-controlled towed launcher for SPIKE NLOS (Non-Line-of-Sight) missiles.

The SPARC provides a 360° solution, as the system is integrated on a towed trailer that can be placed up to 500 m from the launcher, and is controlled remotely using a tablet-type launch control unit.

The system includes a static four-cell Spike NLOS launcher. The communication between the missile and the remote includes visual data and missile telemetry, as well as data from the launch control unit to the missile.

The control unit consists of two parts, one for the commander and one for the gunner who is in charge of the shooting, and allows the commander to monitor the gunner's operations. The system also enables realistic, life-like training.


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