Rafael Tactical Systems

One of the systems enables the processing of data delivered from a payload weighing 1.3 kg, through the use of a laptop in the field

Rafael Tactical Systems

Rafael has developed a new lightweight intelligence gathering system that produces high resolution, high quality images and intelligence products. The system, designated HDLite, includes an airborne payload and a ground workstation for the tactical echelon.

The payload weight is only 1.3 kg , and it can be fitted to small UAVs such as Aeronautics' Orbiter, to a light aircraft or to a helicopter. It has been specially adapted to such airborne platforms that are capable of flying at low levels and under adverse weather conditions.

The images picked up by the sensor are transmitted to the ground station, which can take the form of a laptop computer carried by a trooper on the ground. "In the framework of the needs of the modern battlefield, the HDLite system provides an independent capability for producing intelligence and mapping products very quickly, in real time, for the maneuvering echelon," says Emil B. from Rafael's Intelligence Directorate.

In addition to the HDLite system, Rafael has also developed the 3DLite system, a new system for receiving, processing and displaying charting infrastructure, including DTM maps, aerial reconnaissance photographs and 3D models.

"Accurate charting infrastructure is a critical need for orientation, C2 and for producing coordinates for strikes. It is a highly advanced image processing system that receives data from payloads and produces charting infrastructure very quickly and with very high accuracy," says Emil.

"Its uniqueness stems from the quality of the products and the very fact that it includes the actual facades of the area of operation, namely - the size of the window is the actual size of the window and the position is the actual position. This allows the maneuvering echelon to obtain accurate 3D infrastructure of the area where they operate.

"At Rafael, we have a comprehensive concept that provides the maneuvering combat teams – battalions, brigades, and more – with the ability to locate targets generally and targets with short life cycles and signatures in particular, destroying them while minimizing collateral damage to non-involved parties or to our own forces."

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