Production of Galil Rifles in Vietnam Has Begun

According to a report on janes website, the Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has established a production facility in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence for the manufacture of Galil rifles for the Vietnam People's Army. The goal is to replace the Kalashnikov rifles with Galil rifles

Production of Galil Rifles in Vietnam Has Begun

Vietnamese army soldiers with Galil sniper rifle and Negev machine gun (Photo: armyrecognition)

The Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) will begin to produce Galil assault rifles for the Vietnam People's Army (VPA), according to a report by state-run news agencies in Hanoi and by janes website. The production facility was under construction since 2011, at a built cost of more than $100 million.

The production unit will supply an unspecified number of the ACE assault rifles to "gradually replace" the AK-47s currently used by the VPA. The rifles are being manufactured at Factory Z111, which is based in the northern Thanh Hoa province and owned by the Ministry of Defence. This indicates the production of the rifles is a collaboration between IWI and the VPA.

Russian and Chinese companies also took part in the tender. In addition, armyrecognition website reveals that the VPA has already adopted a wide range of Israeli small arms including the Tavor, Negev LMG, Galil SAR rifle and Galil Sniper rifle.

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