Prime Manpack – New Combat Vest for Machine Guns

The new vest will be unveiled at the 4th International Fire Conference organized by Israel Defense

Aleppo Systems International, an Israeli integrator and manufacturer of advanced, optimized, tactical military systems and solutions, will unveil the Prime Manpack for the first time at the 4th International Fire Conference.

The Prime Manpack is a Combat vest designed to facilitate and enhance the capabilities of the soldiers in the battlefield and combat scenarios – Modular, lightweight, easy to use and flexible in order to ensure a smooth effective and secured operation.

Aleppo System collaborated with North American manufacturer of machine gun parts to develop and optimize a combat suite for the use of automatic machine gun in small linked caliber, 5.56mm and 7.62mm.

These types of machine guns, using ammunition boxes that carry a maximum of 150 linked bullets inside, while soldiers usually carry between 3 and 5 ammunition boxes. These machine guns are known for their rapid fire advantage, which forces the soldier to change the ammunition box often during combat.

The solution was to create a larger ammunition box to be comfortably carried by soldiers, avoiding the need to change the ammunition box often during combat. Based on a product that has been used for many years aboard Combat Aircrafts for 30mm gun systems, the company adopted the Ammunition Feeder Chain to make it rugged but flexible enough to easily carry linked ammunition.

The Ammunition Feeder was optimized and adapted to support small caliber linked ammunition, 5.56mm and 7.62mm, and integrated into a Soldier Combat Manpack, creating the PRIME MANPACK. The Prime Manpack with 800 bullets replaces the standard ammunition magazine boxes used today for machine-gun.

Aleppo Systems International focused on Counterterrorism and Crime prevention Solutions, Tactical Armored Combat Vehicles, Man-Pack Remote weapon Stations, Soldier Combat Suits and Aerial Surveillance stems, and deliver a tactical platform customized to the client’s needs.

The company provides a wide range of field-proven Tactical Aerial surveillance systems for Border Surveillance, ISR missions, and Pipeline and Critical infrastructure Security and offers an array of field-proven tactical command and control center solutions aimed at the defense and homeland security market, enabling the dissemination of commands and status information, and offering a clear advantage in real-time command & control operations, research and mission planning.

The 4th International Fire Conference & Exhibition which will be held at "Beit Ha'totchan" in Zichron  Yaakov on 17-18/05/16 under the title "Efficient Fire in a Dynamic & Complex Enviornment" is organized by Israel Defense and the Israeli Artillery Association, in cooperation with the IDF Ground Forces HQ and the Artillery Corps. In addition to the conference, in which important developments and innovations in the field will be discussed, an exhibition will be held displaying state-of-the-art weapons systems.

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