The Polish Army Will Receive Self-Propelled Howitzer Based on Elbit's ATMOS

The Kryl 155mm Howitzer is the product of the HSW Company, but is based on Elbit Systems' ATMOS 2000. The agreement between the companies of joint development and sharing of technology was signed in 2013


According to the army-technology website, in 2017 the Polish army will receive the self-propelled Kryl 155mm. It is a product of the Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) Company but is based on the ATMOS 2000, a product of Elbit Systems.

The Howitzer is intended to destroy air defense missiles, missile systems, command posts, armored and mechanized units, artillery batteries, communication posts and field fortifications, and other support and supply objects. The Kryl project is being funded by The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), Poland. The weapon system participated in the Land Forces Day held in Rzeszów in September 2015, as well as in the MSPO 2015 exhibition.

The first prototype underwent a series of trials in the first half of 2015. Military and factory qualification tests will be performed in 2016 and the weapon system is expected to enter serial production for the Polish Army in 2017.

The agreement between the companies was signed in 2013, according to Defence24 website. Elbit shared the ATMOS technology (or part of it) with HSW, as part of the joint development of a Polish self-propelled Howitzer. Some parts of the Howitzer will be manufactured in Israel and then exported to Poland for assembly. Back then, Elbit outbid the French Nexter Company.


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