Organizational Changes to National Security Layouts

The head of the Israel Police's Security Division, Deputy Inspector General Levi Amiti, discusses the changes in the security concepts: technology instead of a security person in every restaurant

Organizational Changes to National Security Layouts

The Security Division of the Israel Police has been working for the past several months on changing and updating the security concept of all of Israel's public entities with regards to today's threat reference. This reorganization includes, among other things, the adaptation of weapons, the use of new technology and upgrades to the training layout.

"After lengthy staff efforts, a decision was made four months ago to stop requiring restaurants and coffee shots to post security guards. The staff effort examined whether the security guard can provide an adequate response or should an effort be based on new technologies," says Deputy Inspector General Levi Amiti, who heads the Israel Police's Security Division.

"The security layout of the banks has also been upgraded. Decisions were made, among other things, for more advanced security guard training, as well as an increase in training days. We are continuing to examine the security layout in banks, with an intent to utilize technology that would make the entry of suspects and armed persons into the banks much more difficult, in a framework that is already embraced today in certain European countries."

The Security Division is responsible for consolidating the security concept and the qualification of security personnel across most of the public entities in Israel. These include ports and airfields, Israel Railways, Israel Electric Corporation, the water company Mekorot, educational institutes and various national infrastructures - entities that must meet certain security criteria. The division is responsible for setting the standard according to which the various security layouts operate in routine and in emergency in handling various threats and suspicious persons.

"Israel Railways has also reorganized its security layout, which will result in a 20% decrease in security costs. This also includes the entry of new technology and changes to the layout's manpower," says Amiti. "In addition, the security concept of educational institutes in Israel is currently being examined, out of an understanding that not all of the institutes are equally protected."

Several months ago, the division gave those instructed entities approval to use kits that convert guns into sub-machine guns, such as the RONI kit by CAA Tactical, or the K-POS system by FAB Defense. These kits enable the conversion of a pistol into a long weapon that can also be concealed easily, while preserving quick fire rate and precision for relatively long ranges.

According to Deputy Inspector General Amiti, all of the entities are presently being examined, with the objective of considerably improving security effectiveness and reducing costs. "Through the work being done now, the new measures we intend to put to use, and through trained manpower, these objectives will be achieved."

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