Orbit Cooperates with the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company

The cooperation includes VSAT platforms for mission aircraft, designed to work in both Ka and Ku frequencies, which will be developed within the framework of the cooperation. The cooperation is estimated at 3 million NIS

Orbit Technologies, which deals with satellite communications, tracking systems and communication and audio management systems in aircraft, announced it has signed with the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS)/> an agreement for the joint development of an aerial antenna for satellite communications that supports both the Ku and Ka frequencies for mission aircraft.

In the context of this cooperation, Orbit reported receiving a first order for satellite communications platforms valued at 3 million NIS. As part of the order, Orbit will supply aerial VSAT platform of the AirTRx ™ 25-LP model.

The aerial VSAT systems are developed as part of the cooperation between Orbit and an EADS’s subsidiary, and combine the most advanced technologies of the two companies.

The AirTRx ™ 25-LP solution provides an answer for a wide variety of applications in new segments of the market, in which Orbit identifies high growth potential. This is a satellite communication system which is optimal for any aircraft or other aerial platform", said Ofer Greenberger, CEO of Orbit.

The cooperation between Orbit and the subsidiary follows a long-standing partnership that produced a number of VSAT solutions throughout the year.

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