"Operating in all Arenas"

Aitech marks 30 years of operation. CEO Dany Kord: "The feeling is that every year the competition in the global defense market becomes more difficult"

The concept on which the company is established open architecture, or in other words COTS. The company was founded in 1984 with VME cards when there was not a standard still", said Dany Kord, CEO of Aitech Systems at a conference marking the 30th anniversary of the company. This is one of the oldest companies in the country in the field of embedded systems, also for the defense industry. The company operates a large development center in the city of Herzliya and is also active in the US.

"The feeling is that every year the competition in the global security market becomes more difficult. The industry now is required to provide more for less money. Customers also want very short development/upgrading periods. The use of COTS products can provide a solution to this challenge. Another idea developed is MOTS – it is a hardware for the military world that brings the benefits of a COTS system with the capabilities to characterize the particular client". Kord says another challenge lies in maintaining military systems.

"There are systems with a lifetime starting from 15 years to 25 years or more. Who can promise you that a series of cards will be available decades from now when you will need it? The technical support is an integral component of the product. Especially in the defense industry. The ability to bring the customer a COTS hardware with a characterization capability and a support package, is what ultimately provides the manufacturer with the benefit", says Kord.

The company operates in Herzliya and California, allowing it to provide projects using aid funds as well. According to Kord, a third of the turnover derives from Israel, a third from North America and the remainder from the rest of the world. The company works with many large defense contractors worldwide as well as in Israel. "We are operating in all arenas – sea, land, air and space. In the helicopters field we are working strong with mission computers and other computers. There are cards that enter flight and mission computers of international companies. Some of the products of the company are under the standards of the world civil aviation. This process takes a long time, even three years ago", Kord explains.

"Today the civilian technology is the one in the lead", Yuval Karkogli, the CTO of IMI. "The technology engine is in many aspects these consumer, services and media industries. Flir Company has completed a thermal camera for iPhone. Google and Facebook have purchased solar UAVs companies that can be used as a satellite. The center of gravity moves from the defense industry to the civilian one in many areas.

"We experience the disappearance of the maintenance field. Today you replace, not repair. Accessibility and availability are required from anywhere, at any time. New technologies such as nanometers pipes can provide infrared cameras capabilities of high-resolution at a range of frequencies. The technology permeates more domains and becomes cheaper", said Karkogli.

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