Ofir Shoham, Head of MAFAT, Retires After 6 Years

After heading MAFAT for the past six years, Ofir Shoham wishes to resign from his position in the year 2016. During his tenure, the first interception of the "Iron Dome" was completed and a breakthrough in the development of the interception system "Arrow 3" was achieved

After a term of more than six years as head of MAFAT, Shoham informed his superiors, Defense Ministry Director General and Chief of Staff, of his resignation during this year. In addition, it was agreed that an orderly fashioned process of assessments and replacement will be conducted, once his retirement date will be finalized and his successor will be appointed.

The resignation of Head of MAFAT, Ofir Shoham, will end 36 years of serving in the IDF and the defense establishment. Shoham, a graduate of the prestigious Talpiot program and the Naval officers course. He commanded a missile boat in the Navy, and served throughout his military career in a variety of key roles. Among other things, Shoham served as Head of the Budget Department in the navy, Head of the Electronic Systems and Electronic Warfare Department in MAFAT, Head of the Planning Division in the IDF Planning Directorate and as the Commander of the elite technological unit Lotem.

Shoham was appointed Head of MAFAT (The Administration for Research & Development of Weapon Systems & Technological Infrastructure at the IMOD) in 2010. During his tenure, he led the development of weapons and ground-breaking technological projects on a global scale. These developments contributed to Israel's security, to the defense establishment and to Israel's security export.

During his tenure, the first operational Interception by the Iron Dome system was performed. This led to a dramatic change in the battlefield, with hundreds of operational interceptions in operation "Pillar of Defense" and operation "Protective Edge". During the latter, MAFAT led to the deployment and operation of nine Iron Dome operational Batteries, which helped to protect millions of Israeli citizens. Shoham's tenure also brought a breakthrough in the development of the Arrow 3 interceptor system, with a first successful interception accomplished in recent months, and the "David's Sling" system to be delivered to the IAF in the coming months.

MAFAT, led by Shoham, launched the Ofek 9 and Ofek 10 space satellites and brought the Israeli unmanned aircraft field to new heights, to the point where it is considered the most advanced in the world. In recent years, Shoham led to a technological breakthrough in dealing with the threat of tunnels and subterranean warfare. He also conducted a long list of classified projects.