Ninth "Iron Dome" Battery

An additional battery of the air defense system "Iron Dome" was provided to the IDF

Ninth "Iron Dome" Battery

The Homa Directorate at the Ministry of Defense, in charge of developing the multi-layered defense layout of the State of Israel, has complete an additional battery of the missile defense system "Iron Dome", through a significant shortening of schedules. This battery is the ninth to join the air defense layout.  

The special operation, led by MAFAT of the Ministry of Defense, engineers and technicians from the defense industries (Rafael as chief contractor, and Elta and mPrest as subcontractors) alongside Air Force personnel, has been conducted since the beginning of operation "Protective Edge", following the instructions of heads of the defense establishment. During the operation, the construction of three new batteries has been completed and deployed for operational use.

The delivery of the batteries within days, while expediting the original schedule by weeks, is a technological achievement and an exceptional project, thanks to the cooperation between the Ministry of Defense, defense industries and the Israeli Air Force, and a further proof of the system's flexibility and adaptability to developing conditions in the region. 

"Iron Dome" is an interceptor of short and medium range missile, the first and only in the world, and developed and manufactured by Rafael, in cooperation with  Elta,  mPrest, MAFAT of the IMOD and the IAF.

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