New X-ray Scanning System Series

Vidisco is developing new portable, compact panels for locating explosives

New X-ray Scanning System Series

Vidisco, a developer and manufacturer of X-ray systems, has developed a new series of scanning panels for locating and identifying explosives, intended for defense, border security, police, HLS and VIP security fields.

The BoltX series includes portable compact panels weighing 1.5 kilograms, through which it is possible to examine cellphones and other small items. The systems can be used wirelessly and can be inserted and concealed inside bags.

In addition, the panels, which are suited for various field conditions, can also be place on the floor and rotated left and right, nearly without the creation of any dead space in the intended scanning area. Since they possess a high resolution and a very small pixel surface, the panels make it possible to identify components and small elements.

If a Vidisco system already exists on a computer, it is possible to acquire 'plug and play' panels. Unlike older technologies based on film that are still widely used due to relative low costs, the new panels can display an image on a computer screen within a matter of minutes, which can be a matter life or death in some circumstances. The company has also developed the BoltX Pro series, intended for quality control in assembly lines of aircraft, vessels and more.

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