New Models of Israeli Grenade Trigger Pouch

Israeli SWAT (Yamam) has purchased the Trigger Pouch for all of its fighters, and the IDF will soon be conducting a military-wide trial of the Trigger Pouch

A.C.S. Industries LTD, the developer of the Trigger Pouch, a grenade pouch that allows fighters safe and secure carrying of the weapon in the field of duty, has been recently expanding the line to fit the Trigger Pouch to additional grenade makers and models, due to high demands. ACS started with pouches fitting the Flash Bang grenade by Rheinmetall and the M-67 Fragmentation Grenade. Recent developments of the Trigger Pouch fit the CTS Flash Bang grenade (model 7290 mini grenade), the 26 Fragmentation grenade by IMI Systems and the Flash Bang grenade by Safariland (model Low Roll II grenade). 

The new product has aroused much interest in the field of security – specifically among elite combat and security units around the world. Trials have been conducted by units in the USA, France, Germany, Japan, and more. Israeli SWAT (Yamam) has already purchased the Trigger Pouch for all of its fighters. Furthermore, A.C.S. has confirmed that the IDF will soon be conducting a military-wide trial of the Trigger Pouch.

The Trigger Pouch was invented by Nir Shaul, a SWAT (Yamam) soldier and co-CEO of A.C.S. and Nir Gilboa, CEO of Team 3 Group. Each model of the Trigger Pouch employs five separate security measures, which enable both the safe handling as well as the fast and efficient operation of the grenade. The pouch allows for quick and safe action – especially crucial in the world of fighting terrorism where every second is critical.

"We are affecting a considerable change in the handling of grenades for fighters around the world," said Nir Shaul. "With the Trigger Pouch, fighters will no longer feel vulnerable going into battle with a dangerous explosive on their person. Rather, they will feel more confident in being equipped with a comprehensive safety tool with five separate security measures which were not available in the past."