New Israeli Rifle Exposed at IWA 2015

"Amtan Karmiel" unveiled at the arms exhibition held in Germany two versions of a new rifle. This is the semi-automatic MZ-15 rifle, compatible with the AR-15, and its automatic version, MZ-4, compatible with the M-16. Special Coverage by Eyal Bugoslavsky from Nuremberg

New Israeli Rifle Exposed at IWA 2015

For the first time in years, a new manufacturer joins the exceedingly small market of Israeli weapons manufacturers.

Israeli company "Amtan Karmiel" unveiled at the IWA 2015 exhibition currently held in the Nuremberg in Germany, two new versions of its rifles, the MZ-15 rifle, which is compatible with the semi-automatic AR-15, and its automatic version MZ-4, which is compatible with  M-4 and M-16. The rifle is the product of 10 years of development and testing, and the result of four decades of experience in the manufacture of parts of firearms to the Israeli, European and American markets.

The MZ-15F is a semi-automatic rifle with a diameter of 5.56, MIL-SPEC standard, and a body made of aluminum. In addition, there is a version designed by the Company's engineers made of aviation aluminum that provides the user easy shooting and an innovative design.

The rifles could be provided in multiple colors: black, desert brown, jungle green and desert color. The rifle is equipped with folding metal sights by "Amtan Karmiel".

According to Dror Zada, the Company's vice president of marketing, "Amtan Karmiel is unique in that it produces all the metal parts of the rifle, allowing full control of the quality and reliability of its products and solutions to meet the unique and changing demands of the customers. We are among the few companies in the world that manufacture all parts of the rifle".

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