New Iranian Missile Base

Military commentators tell British Telegraph that recently revealed satellite photography exposes a site suspected as being a ballistic missile test base


The British Telegraph website reported that according to military experts, Iran is constructing a new site for launching missiles, and an examination of satellite photography of the site in question indicates that it may be used for the purpose of testing ballistic missiles.

The photos of the discovered site were published weeks after the Iranian government said that it is constructing new bases for launching satellites as part of its local space program.

The new site is close to Iran's first space center, in the Semnan district in the north, and analysts believe that it was intended to examine ballistic missiles, not rockets for launch into space. A photo of the base which was taken a month ago and was published by IHS Jane’s Military and Security Assessments reveals a launch tower with a height of 23 meters built on a launch pad with measurements of 200 meters on 140 meters. The photo also shows a long emission inclination of 125 meters.

The analysts said that the site, which is still under construction 25 kilometers southeast of the city of Shahrud, has no storage containers for liquid missile fuel used in Iran's space program. This fact indicates that it is being constructed for ballistic missiles based on solid fuel.

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