New IDF Gear

T9design develops a modular vest used as armor protection and as a combat vest

New IDF Gear

The IDF recently endorsed a new combat vest developed by T9Design.

The company, which specializes in the design, development and manufacture of technical textiles for the defense and civilian markets, has developed a multipurpose vest intended for diversified combat scenarios. The vest was tested by special units and regular forces of the IDF over the last year, and has been recently approved for operational use.

“This vest can be adapted to the entire range of today’s combat scenarios, and the trooper can select the exact configuration he requires at a given time,” says Yair Neiger, Project and QA Manager at T9Design, who was responsible for the design and development of the vest.

“We understand that the characteristics of warfare change according to the threat. For example, in a routine security scenario, the trooper carries minimum combat gear plus an armor protection vest containing ceramic plates, known as ‘Ceramon’. On the other hand, in a total war scenario, the trooper carries a full combat kit but no armor protection, or in some cases only ‘soft’ protection. In the standard vest, you can insert the ceramic plate into the vest and remove it when necessary, but then the vest will not be adapted to the user’s body or to the form of combat. The vest we developed can be adapted to serve as an independent combat vest in total war scenarios. It was created on the basis of tactical combat thinking, and provides maximum comfort to the trooper in any situation, with any amount of gear he may be carrying.

“The vest is relatively light and has multiple unbuckling options so as to be comfortable to put on and remove, with and without the ceramic plate, and offers a tailored fit in both configurations. It was developed using a semi-modular method, so that the mandatory gear the trooper needs to carry, such as magazines, fragmentation grenades, a personal field dressing, tourniquet and a day or night vision device are fitted to it permanently. Every trooper can add more gear to the vest, according to the mission at hand, such as a radio transceiver, a general pouch for maps and writing implements, a hydration pack, additional hand grenades and so forth. The back of the vest can remain perfectly smooth, so as to accommodate a rucksack,” states Neiger.

During the development process, T9Design carried out field tests which covered all of the combat sectors and training areas of the IDF. Long-term operational comfort and effectiveness under combat conditions were tested as well.

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