New Hand Grenade Pouch for the Battlefield

A new battlefield hand grenade carrying product is intended to ensure the warfighters’ safety by securing the safety pin and covering the hand grenade top

The ACS (Advanced Combat Solutions) Company, founded jointly by the Team-3 Group and Nir Tal Security Training & Weapon System Development has launched a new product line designed specifically for carrying hand grenades.

The new pouch, designated The Trigger Pouch, was developed in view of the need to ensure the warfighters’ safety and confidence while carrying grenades in their combat vests during routine and operational activities. Every combat trooper remembers the concerns he had about the hand grenade stored in the traditional textile pouch, and over the years many improvised solutions were devised in order to secure those hand grenades and prevent accidents. 

The Trigger Pouch features five safety mechanisms, from a safety pin that must be released manually, through a dual block, a lever secured in a fixed recess, the securely-fixed safety pin and finally – the top cover. The five safety mechanisms notwithstanding, infantry and specialist unit warfighters must be able to employ their hand grenades quickly and safely. Every warfighter knows that every second counts during combat, and prompt response is acutely critical. According to the Company’s data, pulling out a hand grenade and throwing it using the new pouch is accomplished 6 times faster than the same process executed using the standard issue textile pouch available today, owing to the enhanced ergonomics of the new pouch. 

The new pouch is adaptable to the MOLLE combat vests and offers the warfighters versatile options regarding the actual placement of their hand grenades in the vest, all according to the individual preference of each and every warfighter.

The ACS Company has recently received orders to provide pouches to several elite military units from around the world, including a substantial order from an elite unit of the US Army. Israel Defense has learned that over the last two years, the innovative hand grenade pouch has been tested by warfighters of elite Israeli units, including counterterrorism units. 

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