The Navy Successfully Tested an Upgraded "Barak" Missile System

Cleared for publication: The Navy conducted a successful test of the defense missile system, protecting from Russian-made "Yakhont" missiles. According to the estimates, Syria has procured "Yakhont" missiles, and possibly even Hezbollah

The Navy conducted a trial a few months ago, declared as successful, of the upgraded Barak missile system for protection against Russian-made Yakhont missiles, which are now in Syrian hands and possibly even Hezbollah's. The test was conducted within the framework of the upgrade of the navy's defense systems, designed to provide vessels protection from cruise missiles. Moreover, this system is able to protect the oil rigs at sea, namely – to provide protection to the exclusive economic zone of Israel and its most important energy sources.

According to what was cleared for publication, during the trial, a target missile was launched from sea, simulating the trajectory of the Russian-made missile. The Barak missile, launched from a naval missile boat, intercepted it.

Military sources confirmed that the success of the trial provides an answer to the threat of cruise missile.

The upgraded system is developed by Rafael and Israel Aircraft Industries, and an Italian company manufactured the missile simulator.