The mysterious death of an Elbit Systems subsidiary employee in Saudi Arabia

Reports in the US are questioning the death circumstances of Christopher Cramer, an employee of Kollsman – a second-tier subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America – during a business trip to Saudi Arabia. His family claims: He was killed because of an arms deal that went wrong

What happened to Christopher Cramer, an employee of Advance Defense Systems of Kollsman, a second-tier subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America, during a business trip to Saudi Arabia? According to Fox network, the authorities of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia claim that Cramer was killed after a three-story tumble from the window of the Sahara Makarim Hotel in the city of Tabuk. Authorities say Cramer committed suicide.

On the other hand, family and friends of Cramer raise other arguments, saying that he was killed during an arms deal that went wrong. Attorney representing the family told "The problem was with the customer. The missile system was already sold to the Saudi company and they were complaining that it wasn’t working. He was basically sent to see if he could prove that they were firing it incorrectly". He also theorized that the company that bought the TOW system, Saudi-based Global Defense Systems wanted the equipment to malfunction so they could recoup some of their money they spent on the system.

According to the report, the system in question was "Tow" missile, an American-made anti-tank missile. The attorney also said he believes that the Tow Missile system was sabotaged before Cramer arrived with a colleague in Saudi Arabia on January 8. But when Cramer examined the missile he was able to demonstrate it was operating and fully functional, therefore someone decided to assassinate him.

Clark Friese, a spokesman for Kollsman, told that Cramer was helping with maintaining the missile system and demonstrated how to use it for the Saudis. According to the company, "Everything was operating and fully functional, and Chris had even posted a video of one of the missile firings”. The family Cramer family claims that he sent them a message that confirms these claims.

Israeli newspaper "Globes" brings Elbit Systems' comment: "We have received a notice from Kollsman, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems America that the company's employee, Chris Cramer, died during a business trip. The circumstances of the death are being examined by the US State Department. We have no further details at this time and we are pending an update from the State Department to our American subsidiary. Cramer worked for the company for 12 years. We can not provide details about the project in which he worked; but this is a senior product of Kollsman, an American product that is not involving any Israeli technologies".