Municipality of Netanya Presents: Energy Security Project

Nation-E and the municipality of Netanya launched the first energy security project in Israel. The project’s goal is to construct a municipal wide smart grid that will ensure the lights in the city never go out

Municipality of Netanya Presents: Energy Security Project

Nation-E’s Daniel Jammer and Miriam Feirberg, Mayor of Netanya

A first of its kind intelligent system for optimizing power consumption was installed today (Tuesday) in the Netanya City Hall. The installation marks the launch of a joint project for the municipality and Daniel Jammer’s Nation-E. The system is a unique microgrid enabling authentication, monitoring and control of energy consumption via a computer, tablet or smart phone, and ensures ongoing savings in power consumption.

The project that was commenced today is designed to install similar systems in other structures of municipality including hospitals, schools and the new stadium aiming to improve energy security, optimize power consumption and reduce energy costs for the municipality. The project is part of an overall plan to construct a smart grid spanning the entire municipal area to ensure residents the most advanced, stable and resilient electric grid.

Daniel Jammer Nation-E’s president and founder said: "This is the first time we are installing our infrastructure in Israel and Netanya Municipality is the first municipality to understand the importance of critical infrastructure business continuity. Our smart systems provide energy security and ensures that the lights will never turn off on the city ​​dwellers". According to Mr. Jammer, by 2020 close to a million power points in the city will be linked and at least 25% of savings (is expected) to the municipality energy consumption.

Mayor of Netanya, Miriam Feirberg, said "Netanya aims to be at the forefront of innovation and environmental protection. Efficient energy management benefits the environment and residents of the city and reduces the municipality operating costs. Energy security is essential for the security of local residents and ensures the continuous functioning of the municipality and its critical infrastructures in case of emergency. "

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